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The Mattress Made for the Big and Tall

Custom made Mattress System that Provides the Most Supportive Sleep You Have Ever Felt.

Systems Rated From 250-500lb per side

Wmanufacture a mattress that is specifically made for a Plus Size Person.  Our Story starts with us selling mattresses for many years. We noticed that there was not a mattress made for heavier than normal people.  Mattresses are normally made for an average weight of 190 pounds.  The customers that bought a mattress either never got a good nights sleep or if so, only got a bed to last a year a two. We wanted to make a bed that would handle the extra weight (250-450lbs.) and give a great nights sleep. We are located in Oklahoma and we are a nationwide provider of the Goliath Mattress System and the Samson Mattress System.

Our mattress also offers some of the best cooling options in the industry.

We have vents and our  Goliatex cooling latex not offered on other beds.  This is important to our customers because this market is very susceptible to sleeping hot.  We have specifically addressed this issue.

One other item that we have patent pending is our Cuddler .  Jokingly we talk about our Cuddler, but in reality, this device is very critical to the overall experience of our bed.  This device will allow a couple of 300lb plus couples to sleep close to each other but not sink down into the bed.

Our mattress has been tested at 450 lbs for 15 years with minimal body impression.   This is a specialized mattress for a specialized market. We have been oklahoma’s big and tall mattress go to company for our specialized Goliath mattress and Samson mattress. We have the best mattress for heavy people.

We have addressed most all the problems that we have found in our 50 years of mattress building and feel we have come up with the most innovative and desirably mattress system in the industry.

One other thing is, we do sell this as a system.  Meaning , along with our custom mattress, we manufacture a custom foundation that supports our mattress.  Our frame is made in the USA , as well as our bed and foundation. Our frame is a no tools assembly and will support over 2,000lbs.

Common Mattress Problems

  • You Get Hot
  • Mattress Sags
  • Poor Support
  • Weak Foundation
  • Weak Edge Support
  • Tencel Cooling Top
  • Vertical Inline Support Beams
  • Strongest Innersprings in the Industry
  • Extra Thick Edge Support
  • No Foam to Sink into
  • Solid Wood Foundations
  • 2000lb Tools Bedframe

The Samson System

Samson Mattress System made for the Big and Tall


The Goliath System

Goliath Mattress System for the Big and Tall


Owen Smith

IT Manager

Finally, a supportive mattress that was designed for my body!  I now sleep thru the night, and I am happier than ever.

Sandra Sue Kingsman


The Goliath Mattress System has the support that none of the other brands have.  Finally, I don’t sink into my mattress and it gives me a good night sleep. Truly amazing.


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