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Our Story

David and Jason Lowry, father and son,  were inspired by the lack of diversity in the mattress market and set out to create something special. Our Story starts with us selling mattresses for many years, we noticed that there was not a mattress made for heavier-set people. Mattresses are normally made for an average weight of 190 pounds, which just isn’t enough for everyone. The customers that bought these basic mattresses either never got a good nights sleep or, if they did, only got the mattress to last a year or two. We wanted to make a bed that would handle the extra weight and give a great nights sleep. Our mattresses are hand made and assembled one at a time.

Your Goliath mattress is designed for the person that is heavier than the normal person. The bed is the only bed designed to be extra,extra firm. Beds are rated on a scale of 1-10. 10 is a rock. This bed comes in at an 8+. Firmer than most any bed on the market today. It will not crush or sag with you during sleep. It is ready to support up to 450 lbs every night for 15 years.

Our Samson bed is designed for 250-350 and comes in at a 7+ rating. It includes all the features of the Goliath but one rating less on the firmness scale.

While this bed if very firm, it provides cooling and sleep comfort to any weight of person. Starting at the top, we use Tencil material for the finished fabric. Tencil is one of only a few cooling fabrics available for mattress construction that truly cools. Just under the cloth, is Goliatex. This new cooling latex is our own design of cooling material and is the “state of the art” in the industry. No other mattress company has this cooling layer. Next we provide a convoluted layer that allows us to let air pass through our bed. This cooling air is allowed in from both sides through our vents and is allowed to flow under the cooling layers .

A patent pending “Cuddler” is made into all our beds. When you and your sleeping partner want to cuddle in the middle of the bed, most beds would start to dip down and you two would be in a dip in the middle of the bed. Our patent pending “Cuddler” helps prevent that from happening. Now you can lay next to each other and not sink down into the bed. A chance to cuddle for the night..

Our inner spring is the strongest in the industry. Our bed is reinforced with our “I-beam “ technology. The”I-beam” reinforces our frame and adds firmness and support to it. This helps give years of life to the bed.

When we started looking for a frame to complete the Goliath System we knew that the industry standard would never work. We started out trying to find heavier steel and bigger legs, but we quickly found out that was not going to work.

We needed to get outside the box and find a completely new type of frame. It had to be strong, solid, easy to assemble and we preferred made in the USA. This was worked out by a family in New York that had years of bed frame building experience. . They developed a frame that would hold more than 2000 lbs and was completely made from US steel and fit our bed perfectly.

Our beds are offered in Queen, King and Golia-king. Our Golia-king is two inches longer than a traditional Cal-king, but Cal-king sheets will still fit. This bed is great for that extra tall person that would like a longer bed for some extra sleep space. This bed is a full 84” long and has all the features of the king and queen beds.

No longer are you buying a bed that is designed to be thrown away in a couple of years. This bed is not a chunk of foam in a box. We are making you a bed with all the technology available, that will last for years and provide you with the best comfort of sleep today.

And one of the proudest things we have to say is our bed is made in the USA . We have over 70 people employed just at the Ozark factory and we are proud of every one of them. Many have been involved in this bed. We are proud to provide a bed for a very special group of people to let them have a quality of sleep they have never had.

Made in USA






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